CLF Day and CEAP Anniversary Celebration

FEB 05

CLF Day and CEAP Anniversary Celebration

The theme "Renewed in Christ, Sent to Witness" emphasizes the transformation and renewal that believers experience through their faith in Jesus Christ. It highlights the call to share this newfound faith with others, becoming witnesses and ambassadors of Christ's love and teachings. This event aims to inspire participants to deepen their relationship with Christ and equip them with the tools to effectively communicate their faith to others.

Activities are as follows:

  • Eucharistic Celebration
  • Bible Enthronement
  • Expression of Huwarang Katoliko
  • Awarding Ceremony
  • Different Booth Varied Activities: (Simultaneous)
  1. Friendly Talk Booth
  2. Reconciliation Booth
  3. Motivational/Inspirational Booth
  4. Praise and Worship booth
  5. Prayer for Peace and pledges (Prayer offering inside the chapel)
  6. Drop in a Box (donation for school supplies for the CATPRO Kids
  7. Freedom Wall
  • Adopt a Family
  • Tableau of St. Bonifacia & Fr. Butinya
  • Community Song: Song of Fr. Butinyaand St. Bonifacia
  • HFSQC project for the 150th Founding Anniversary of the SSJ Congregation

            1. Testimonies from Individuals in different sectors

             2. Protection of Young Women who are at Risk

  • BEC-Faith sharing (JHS and SHS)
  • Bon Fire